Overcoming the four barriers to inclusive co-design

When done right, co-design creates outcomes that are truly meaningful and useful to both users and your company. At its core, co-design is about listening to user voices and designing concepts and ideas alongside them.

The insights found in the Inclusive Co-design Toolkit are designed to help anyone who wants to engage people with language barriers in their processes.

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What's in the ebook?

Inside the pages of the Inclusive Co-design Toolkit, you'll find:
A breakdown of the four barriers to engaging those with limited English proficiency
Best practices to overcome these barriers, including actionable workshop structures and materials
Insights into why language minority inclusion is so important

About the author


Hitomi Yokota
Senior Service Designer

Hitomi is passionate about bringing social impact to communities through enhanced interaction and engagement of people.

At Bridgeable, Hitomi designs human-centred communication systems that promote better patient experiences. After spending three years as an advertising project manager in Japan, she shifted her focus to designing and developing community building strategies in partnership with municipal governments, community foundations, and nonprofit organizations across North America.